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More Students to be Celebrated at GlenOak High School

More Students to be Celebrated at GlenOak High School

GlenOak High School is excited to expand the way in which we celebrate student academic success. GlenOak Principal Gayle Kimbrough and counselor Kristen Zurbuch have led an extensive research study of the current ranking system of honoring the Top 25 Seniors. 

School leaders recommended after much research and time spent examining best practices, it is in our students’ best interest to follow suit with other schools around the county, state, and nation who have eliminated the ranking of students and moved to the Latin recognition system. The change will take effect for the current Freshman Class (graduating class of 2026). This means that in their senior year, students would be honored in three different categories for varying levels of grade point average (GPA) achievement. 

  • The highest distinction is the Summa Cum Laude honor and would be earned by students with a GPA of 4.4 and higher.
  • The Magna Cum Laude honor would be earned by students with a GPA of 4.1-4.39.
  • The Cum Laude honor would be earned by students with a GPA of 3.9-4.0.

This change will allow the opportunity to celebrate all students that achieve a 3.9 or higher GPA versus just the top 25 highest-ranked students. Research indicates that colleges and universities are looking for a balanced transcript that reflects who students are, as well as an intentional list of extracurricular activities. Superintendent Brent May stated, “this change will honor all programs offered at GlenOak High School. We offer amazing career, and technical courses along with multiple arts opportunities and students should be recognized for their efforts in these pathways. This is a more inclusive approach to celebrate our students.”

Principal, Gayle Kimbrough, added, “I am thrilled to be able to celebrate the achievements of more students each year and recognize the inherent academic value in all of our programs by eliminating rank and moving to a Latin Recognition system. This is not only a best practice that we are seeing nationwide, but it is also a positive move for GlenOak High School and supports what is best for students.”

This change will begin for the class of 2026. 

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