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GlenOak Junior Achievement Companies

GlenOak Junior Achievement Companies

As part of the GlenOak Business Academy, senior students have the opportunity to develop their own Junior Achievement companies as a way to gain hands-on experience and apply the concepts they have learned throughout the business program. They elect their CEOs and interview for positions in the company. They are responsible for producing, marketing, and selling their products as well as keeping financial records of their profits just as you would in any company. 

Learn more about the 2024 Businesses below: 

Flashback: Flashback, a Junior Achievement company from GlenOak High School, brings you an innovative solution to preserve memories and bridge generations. Their Flashback Time Capsule Kits offer an affordable, interactive experience at just $30, complete with guides, experience pages, and six creative inventory themes. Whether it's for graduates, families, weddings, or teachers, Flashback ensures your cherished stories and artifacts are safeguarded against the sands of time.

Flashback is more than just a product. They are on a mission to assist those struggling with memory recall and have partnered with a local Alzheimer's Support Group, sponsoring meetings and sharing handwritten notes of encouragement. To support their cause or learn more about Flashback, contact them at or find them on social media at "flashback.ja." Join Flashback in preserving memories and making a meaningful impact in the community.

Pictured (From L to R):  Branden Wakely, Morgan Stoker, Carter Smith, Braeden Keyes, Katie Galvin, Becca Klotz, Dylan Maurer, Braden Hale

Candy Culture: Candy Culture, a Junior Achievement Company, offers a unique and sweet journey into cultural awareness. With 64% of Americans never having left the U.S., many lack exposure to diverse cultures. To bridge this gap, Candy Culture provides specially curated candy boxes, each featuring a selection of candies from three different countries. Along with these delicious treats, each box contains a cultural card with activities, a recipe book with cultural recipes, music playlists, and a QR code leading to more in-depth cultural information on their website. Priced at $25, these boxes are not only a delightful treat for those with a sweet tooth but also a creative way for anyone to explore global cultures. Moreover, every purchase supports a noble cause, as Candy Culture donates a meal to a family in need for every box sold. For further details about their mission and products, Candy Culture can be reached at their Instagram @candy.culture.ja, or via email at

Pictured (From L to R) Jacob Price, Landon Carl, Joesph McLendon, Amelia Richardson, Abigail Watson, Brooklyn Kendrick, Nicholas Terrell

Radical Patches: Looking for a unique twist to your everyday style? Discover Radical Patches, a creative venture by the students of GlenOak High School, part of the Junior Achievement Program. This innovative team offers a range of customizable products, specializing in durable engravings on high-quality materials. Explore their selection of custom leather and sublimation patches, designed to make a statement. Prices begin at just $5, with options for both iron-on and stick-on patches, and attractive bundling deals. Perfect for personal use, gifts, or business promotion, these patches are a versatile choice. Interested in customizing your own leather patches? Get in touch with Radical Patches at for more information.

Pictured(from L-R): Dillan Rynes, Brock Whitman, David Chen, Linda Chen, Trent Shrader, and Evan Hogen. Not Pictured: Kantin Walls 

Plant Haven: Millions of Americans confined to hospitals, retirement homes, or their own homes often miss the opportunity to experience the outdoors. Recognizing the benefits of gardening for individuals with dementia, fine motor impairments, depression, and more, Plant Haven offers a unique solution: therapy gardens designed for indoor use. The Plant Haven Therapy Garden is a compact, lap-sized, portable garden kit, complete with essential supplies like gravel, soil, a spray bottle, a garden shovel, and a step-by-step instruction card. This kit is distinguished by its inclusion of seeds for three sensory-stimulating plants: mint for taste, lavender for smell, and wooly thyme for touch. Priced at $45, these Therapy Gardens are not just a purchase but an investment in enhancing someone's fine motor skills and mental health. To learn more about Plant Haven's mission and products, follow them on social media @planthaven_ja or contact them via email at

Pictured Makena Board, Marcus Alvarado, Marli Dye, Roman Woods, Emma Pooley, Austin Morrison, Nora Salem, and Bryce Moore

Project Pet: Every year, an astounding $500 billion worth of perfectly good clothing ends up in landfills, contributing to environmental pollution through the emission of toxic gases. Recognizing the urgency to address this issue, students from GlenOak High School, under their Junior Achievement company 'Project Pet', have devised an innovative solution. Their initiative aims to significantly reduce clothing waste while simultaneously aiding our furry friends.

Project Pet specializes in crafting environmentally friendly pet beds at affordable prices. This is achieved by upcycling discarded clothing to create a comfortable stuffing for these beds. Emphasizing both style and sustainability, the company offers a range of bed sizes, including a small/medium option (20inx30in) for $30 and a larger size (30inx40in) for $40, with the option for personalized name customization. Demonstrating their commitment to animal welfare, Project Pet pledges to donate one bed to the local humane society for every five beds sold. To learn more about Project Pet’s products and their mission, interested individuals can reach out via email at or follow them on Instagram at @projectpet24.

Pictured above (L to R) Romeo Magueyal, Santiago Salvado, Zoe DiLorenzo, Sarah Hall, Logan Lawrence, Camden Duguay, Chris Alvarez, Brandon Wines


For more information about the GlenOak High School of Business or JA Companies please email GlenOak High School at